About a year ago I discovered a wonderful lady over at @thedaleyplate. I absolutely fell in love with the way she photographed her food because everything looked so delicious! Last month Dale posted in her insta stories how she made Kimchi. I took a screen shot of all the steps and began writing down the ingredients. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any Korean red pepper flakes and I forgot to buy sugar so the recipe is not exactly the same but her step by step photos made the process of figuring everything out so much easier.

Another reason I wanted to make Kimchi, was because the first time we discovered and tasted it was in Hawaii this past December. We absolutely loved it and could not understand how we had not come across it before! My daughter, husband and I ate it every way possible. We ate it with rice, on gluten free bread, next to fried eggs and with noodles. OMG it was delicious!

So even though this is not a traditional Korean-style Kimchi (more subtle), I have posted my version of it as my husband tells me he absolutely loved this subtle spicy version.

The wonderful thing about making Kimchi and having it stored in the fridge, is that it is a delicious quick addition to boiled rice or quinoa for a quick and easy meal. Again, a quick thank you to Dale from TheDaleyPlate for the inspiration and basic recipe.


500g bok choy

2 tbs sea salt

3 large shallots / green onions, sliced into large pieces

1 large carrot, thinly sliced

2 tsp garlic, minced

1 tsp ginger, minced

1-2 tsp chilli flakes (Korean chilli if you can find it would be a more authentic taste) 

2 tsp sesame seeds

2 tsp sesame oil

1 tbs fish sauce

2 tbs honey

  1. Prepare bok choy by trimming the ends and separating the leaves. Cut them in half. Rinse them under cold water. Place them in a large bowl and sprinkle 2 tablespoon sea salt over them. Allow them to sit for 30 minutes. Using your hands turn them over and allow them to sit for a further 30 minutes. Rinse them so all the sea salt is off and place in a colander to drip dry.

  2. In a separate bowl add all the other ingredients to create the ‘sauce’ (except the carrots and shallots). Combine well.

  3. Now combine all ingredients (bok choy, sauce, carrots and shallots) and using your hands work the paste into the vegetables until they are coated (use gloves).

  4. Pack the kimchi into sterilised jars pressing down. Cover with lid and store in fridge for 3 days before eating. Can be kept refrigerated up to 2 weeks. 

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