My daughter has never complained but has always been upset that she can not buy caramel sauce to drizzle over her ice cream. There just doesn’t seem to be many options for coeliacs and the options that we have found available has a long list of ingredients.

Sooooo, it was my goal to create a quick to make CARAMEL SAUCE that tasted ‘real’ using only a handful of ingredients. Well this is it. A strong flavoured sauce that is highly addictive and actually has a more robust flavour to it. Trust me when I say it is bloody delicious over vanilla bean ice cream.

If you’re wondering why I made it vegan? Because that’s what I happen to have at home whilst experimenting and my daughter said it was delicious and to leave the recipe as it is. Enjoy x

200g sugar of choice

120ml coconut milk

120g vegan butter

½ tsp vanilla bean paste

  1. Prepare caramel by adding sugar into a heavy based saucepan and adding half the butter. Over a low heat the sugar should melt. Gradually add the remaining butter and bring to boil but do not let it burn.

  2. Slowly add the coconut milk and vanilla bean paste and continuously whisk until all ingredients have combined well. Bring to boil and then simmer until thickened. Take off heat and allow cooling.

  3. Serve as a topping to any dessert or even coconut or vanilla bean vegan ice cream!

Note: Remaining Caramel sauce can be stored in a sterilised jar.

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