Three Cheese Grilled Chicken Parmigiana

Ignoring the three-cheese part, this Grilled Chicken Parmigiana is the ultimate guilt free version of a classic. So, juicy and full of flavour, it is a great mid week meal as it doesn’t take too long to put together. One of our favourite Italian meals, you can serve this with a green salad, vegetables, pasta, rice or some crusty bread.

Now, I have cheated and used a ready made tomato / napoletana sauce but if you have the time, you can whip up a home made one using olive oil, tomatoes, red wine, garlic, basil and seasoning.

You may ask why I have left out the crumbed chicken and grilled it instead? Well, not only does my tummy prefer a grain free meal, but the crumbed chicken has always left me feeling bloated, heavy and oily. I’m actually not a huge fan of chicken schnitzel or anything crumbed anyway so this has been the way I have made my chicken most of the time.

I’d also like to add that if you love pesto, I would serving this grilled version with some basil pesto as it adds even more flavour but be warned, it is addictive! I won’t be held responsible if the whole tray is eaten by only a handful of people! LOL xx

Serves 4-6

1.2 kg chicken breast fillets, sliced 0.5cm thick

1 jar tomato based sauce (I used Barilla Red Wine Sauce)

½ tsp sea salt

½ tsp pepper

¼ tsp garlic powder

1 tsp mixed dried parsley, oregano and basil (you can used ¼ cup fresh herbs instead)

1 cup mozzarella cheese, grated

2 tbs parmesan cheese, finely grated

8-10 cherry bocconcini cheese

handful of basil leaves


  1. Season chicken with sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, mixed herbs and sear on a hot grill / pan for 2-3 minutes each side. Remove chicken.

  2. Place half of the chicken in the baking dish and top with half of the sauce and half of the cheese. Then repeat with remaining chicken, sauce and cheeses.

  1. Place in preheated 190 degree fan forced oven for 20 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbling.

  2. Serve with suggested sides. Enjoy xx

Suggested Side Plates

  1. Broccolini: 1-2 bunches broccolini, cleaned, sautéed in a pan with EVOO and seasoned with toasted sesame seeds, sea salt and pepper. Each side only needs 2-3 minutes on high heat. Set aside.

  2. Salad: 250g punnet cherry tomatoes, 6 cherry bocconcini sliced in half, basil leaves, EVOO, sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Combine in a bowl and set aside.

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