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Blistered Tomatoes and Ricotta Bruschetta

This gluten-free Bruschetta may look simple but is flavour packed. The blistered tomatoes are a little buddle of juicy goodness, and the extra virgin olive oil and oregano sauce is another level of deliciousness. Let's not forget the fresh creamy ricotta and tomato pesto. What a flavour-packed bruschetta! It's the only appetizer you'll need to serve, as everyone will be completely satisfied and grinning with contentment.

What is Bruschetta

Correctly pronounced: broo-sket-ta

Traditionally, bruschetta is an appetiser or starter made from thick Italian bread that is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and rubbed with garlic. It is then toasted or grilled and then topped with ripe fresh tomatoes and herbs.

Bruschetta is picked up and eaten by hand. It's fun to eat and often messy as the tomato juices and olive oil end up dripping down your hands and often down your chin. It's a sign that the tomatoes are perfectly ripe!

Watch How To Make It

Helpful Tips


Juicy ripe grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes are essential. They must be bite size and at room temperature when about to pan fry so they can blister beautifully.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It goes without saying that fresh ingredients must always be paired with good quality extra virgin olive oil. I would even go as far as choosing a first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.


I love bagels and even though bagels are not traditionally used for bruschetta, I think it gives a fun twist to the day-old bread that is traditionally used. However, since bagels are soft, I would suggest toasting them in order to slightly dry them.

The bagels I have chosen to use are these Everything Sourdough Bagels by Gluten Freedom (link below). I love them as they are coated with a mix of poppy seeds, sesame, garlic, onion and sea salt and this adds so much flavour to the bruschetta. If you can not find them or live outside of Australia, I would suggest topping your bruschetta with a sprinkle of "Everything but the Bagel" seasoning for a similar flavour experience.