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Bolognese Pasta Soup

Bolognese Pasta Soup is comfort food at its best and is the perfect one bowl dinner!

I grew up eating Spaghetti Bolognese at least once a fortnight. We called it “Makaronia me kima” and my mum cooked it so well that I would grab a spoon to scoop the Bolognese Sauce into my mouth while it was still hot - it would often burn my tongue but I didn’t care. I went for another mouthful until my mum would walk in and see me hovering over the pot on the stove and yell at me. That is how much I love a good Bolognese Sauce.

Now that I'm a mum myself, I often see my children hover over the pot of Bolognese Sauce and scooping a few spoonsful into their mouths! #whatgoesaroundcomesaround

The problem is, they eat so much of it that I'm not left with enough for our pasta! So, what I decided to do was create a soup combining the two. My BOLOGNESE PASTA SOUP.

As you know my daughter is a #coeliac and I am so grateful that Barilla has the Elbows shape as part of their Gluten Free Pasta Range. It is the perfect pasta for this recipe along with their Bolognese Sauce that is made with 100% Italian Tomatoes and is Gluten Free!

If you do not eat gluten-free then you have a wider variety of pasta you can add, including, Risoni pasta, and if you are of Greek background then I suggest adding "hilopites" which are small square-shaped egg pasta that is perfect for soup or even "fithe" which is a thin short noodle pasta also used for soup.

The recipe is pretty straightforward and I have added a quick video for you to see how easy and quick it is to cook. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does.

Happy Creating,


Watch How to Make It

Bolognese Pasta Soup

Serves 4

Cook 30 minutes

340g Gluten Free Elbows Pasta

400g jar passata