Friday Night Platter

In Australia, summer is around the corner and no one really wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking on a Friday night do they? So I've put together this lovely vegetarian platter to show you all how delicious and hearty a platter can be.

First you'll need to spend 5 minutes preparing the potato wedges. I bought 1kg of potatoes and cut them into wedges, seasoned with plenty of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, pepper, oregano and a tablespoon of crushed cashews. The cashews gives them a delicious crunch! Now place them in a preheated 200C fan forced oven to bake for 40 minutes while you prepare the platter (I also suggest rotating the tray after the first 20 minutes to evenly brown the potatoes).

For the Potatoes:

1 kg potatoes

2 tbs extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon crushed cashews

2 teaspoon dried oregano

sea salt


Remaining Ingredients:

1. Hummus Dip (I topped it with sesame seeds, oregano and EVOO)

2. Variety of Olives

3. Baby Gherkins

4. Baby Carrots

5. Snow Peas / Snap Peas or Green Beans

6. Block of Cheese (I have used Kefalotyri, a Greek cheese)

7. Mini Tomatoes

8. Radishes

9. Wedges of Oranges (I used blood oranges)

10. Grapes

11. Walnuts, almonds or Pistachios

11. Two types of crisps. I have used @CeresOrganics Chickpea Crisps for their nutritious ingredients, they are super healthy and they have a delicious flavour and texture (plus my kids love them).

Now it's a matter of putting it all together, and don't forget to leave a space for those potato wedges! Once they are baked allow them to cool for 10 minutes and then add them to your platter. Time to enjoy and why not grab a glass of your favourite wine or beverage, sit back and nibble on this healthy Friday Night Platter all night xx

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