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Friday Night Platter

In Australia, summer is around the corner and no one really wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking on a Friday night, so I've put together this lovely vegetarian platter to show how delicious and hearty a platter can be.

For the Potatoes:

1 kg potatoes

3 tbs extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon crushed cashews

1 tablespoon dried oregano

sea salt


Cut the potatoes into wedges, seasoned with plenty of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, pepper, oregano and a tablespoon of crushed cashews.

Place them in a preheated 200C fan forced oven to bake for 45 minutes while you prepare the platter.

Remaining Ingredients:

1. Hummus Dip (I topped it with sesame seeds, oregano, and EVOO)

2. Variety of Olives

3. Baby Gherkins

4. Baby Carrots

5. Snow Peas / Snap Peas or Green Beans

6. Block of Cheese (I have used Kefalotyri, a Greek cheese)</