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Healthy Carrot Cake Cookies

These Healthy Carrot Cake Cookies have the goodness of cauliflower flour, fresh carrot, sweet sultanas and the health benefits of quinoa. Enjoy them freshly made, in your lunchbox or cold straight from the fridge! But they come with a warning: they are highly addictive!

On a more serious note, as we are facing difficult times ahead, I would like to send out a message of love, kindness and health. We are all in this together, facing this virus that has overtaken the world and I encourage you all to remain calm, logical and hopeful. And so I hope you find some fun and joy in making these Healthy Carrot Cake Cookies either for yourself or for your loved ones or even as an activity in the kitchen with your children. Health, kindness and courage to all.

Note: I am aware that many of you are overseas and can not access this flour. I would suggest replacing it with gluten free all-purpose flour.