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One Pot Creamy Chicken Lasagna

If you love pasta dishes, then you'll love my One Pot Creamy (and super cheesy) Chicken Lasagna. It's the easiest way to make lasagna, only takes 30 minutes to cook and using chicken gives it a healthy makeover! It's not only simple to make and delicious, but the perfect weeknight dinner.

Classic and traditional lasagna is one of our most loved food and the ultimate comfort meal but we just don't have the time to bring it together on a weeknight. Thankfully my One Pot Creamy Chicken Lasagna gives us all the flavours of traditional lasagna with a quarter of the cooking!

FYI: Even though it's becoming a bit of a trend amongst foodies these days, the very first time I had seen a one-pot lasagna was many years ago by the lovely Martha Stewart.

In honour of the orginal, here is the link, in case you would like to view the video:

What is a One Pot Lasagna?

Firstly let us distinguish the difference between lasagna and lasagne.

Lasagne (with an 'e') refers to the lasagne pasta sheets and lasagna refers to the composition of the dish (layered sheets of lasagne).

It also depends on where you are in the world, as Americans prefer 'lasagna' and the British prefer to spell it as 'lasagne'. It all becomes very confusing! So I am writing it the way I have known it in Australia - Lasagna!

Lasagna is an Italian dish with layers of pasta, a tomato-based sauce (meat or vegetarian) and cheese, that are stacked individually in a dish, and then baked in the oven until cooked and golden.

A One Pot Lasagna is a simpler way of cooking a traditional lasagna, by combining all the dish's essential ingredients in one pot while cooking.