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How did I get here?

After a fulfilled career in both Social Work and Aromatherapy and bringing the two most amazing human beings into the world, little did I know that I would fall in love with creating recipes and food photography. 

How did my obsession with recipe creation begin? Well, back in 2008 we took my then 2-year-old daughter to the hospital and were informed that she had become dangerously anemic. After months of blood tests, it was concluded that she was experiencing the symptoms of coeliac disease. Due to this, we changed our entire household to a gluten-free diet that included seasonal and organic foods.  


Ever since that day, my focus has been on creating and cooking fresh, wholesome simple meals that would not only slowly heal our gut issues but also make us feel good. I discovered the platform 'Instagram' and began sharing photos with whoever wanted to follow. Slowly I realised my love for photography as well and in 2020 decided to attend college to learn how to capture what I was cooking. 


The recipes I Create, Cook and Share with you all is separated into the following categories: 


GF Grains (gluten-free grains)



Meat (red and white meat)


Greek Food


Why Greek Food?


Growing up as the child of Greek immigrants, food was of great importance to my parents. It was the emotional link to their country of origin and loved ones left behind. Bread, olives, dolmades, moussaka, and fasolada (white bean soup) were reminders of home and played a large role in our diet.


One of the most vivid memories as a child is seeing my mother in the kitchen with her meter-long rolling pin, a pastry brush, and baking trays, opening filo pastry to make 3 or 4 spanakopita pies (wild spinach and feta pies). She had to cook large amounts to keep up with the hunger demands of my 3 older brothers and father!


My father on the other hand loved to go grocery shopping! The memory most vivid of him was the excitement and pride he showed when he brought home bags of groceries. This was the way he showed us that he was a responsible provider and loving father. You see he was a child during WWII and experienced hunger, starvation, and malnutrition and so it made complete sense that feeding his children was a priority to him. 


Every so often I go back to those meals and feel the need to cook them. The food in this category may not necessarily be gluten-free but there is an emotional link to a time that was so precious to me that sometimes I love to cook it for those in my family that have no intolerances or diseases.


You will find more recently that I add the gluten-free version of greek recipes as I am learning to work with the specific flours. Cooking with gluten-free flour sure is a learning curve even after so many years. 

Finally, my hope is that this blog will inspire you to cook! Takeaway food is typically high in chemical additives, sugar, unhealthy fats and leaves you feeling bloated and irritable. By cooking the majority of the food you eat at home, you can make sure you are eating fresh food that increases your energy, boosts your mood, and makes you feel good!


I hope you find my recipes fresh, wholesome, and easy to follow, and who knows, maybe I can even entertain you a little with my family stories.


Thank you for visiting and Be Well!

Margaret x