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Fasolada White Bean Soup

Fasolada is a simple, full flavoured white bean soup that consists of only a handful of ingredients including vegetables and a good amount of extra virgin olive oil. Though simple, this homely soup is warming, healthy, humble and comforting. Most Greeks would say it the national dish of Greece and a staple in every household.

As the Orthodox community celebrates Holy Week leading up to Easter, I decided to share my mum’s recipe for her famous Fasolada. She serves it with olives and crusty bread which we love to use to soak up that creamy texture and rich flavourful soup.

I hope you give it a try. You will find many recipes add garlic and bay leaves and stock but mum always kept it simple and allowed the ingredients to shine.

Helpful Tips
  • Mum’s first secret is she uses dried white beans (I like to cheat and use the canned ones sometimes). Mum soaks for these beans for 24 hours. If you plan on making this soup at 4 pm, then at 4 pm the previous day you should start to soak the beans and at least once change the water they are soaking in.

  • Her second secret is using the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is used during the cooking process and at the end once the fasolada has been served into the bowls. A good drizzle, swirled around the bowl is essential! Here is the link to the Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil I like to use with my Greek recipes.

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