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Greek Tzatziki

Can anyone resist a creamy and fresh cucumber and garlic yogurt dip? This dip is the perfect accompaniment to any Mediterranean meal, used as a dip with pita bread and vegetables or as I love to have it, on fresh bread with some crumbled feta over the top! Holy Heavens Yum!

Fortunately, tzatziki is super easy to make. The trick however is to properly drain the cucumber before mixing it into the yogurt, otherwise, the cucumber waters down the yogurt far too much.

I have seen people strain the Greek yogurt as well but we have never done this. Traditional Greek Tzatziki (from my experience) is not made this way unless some other type of yogurt is being used that is watery. If you buy a good quality Greek yogurt it will be already strained and thick (but not thick like labneh). If you’re in Australia, my personal favorite is Tamar Valley Greek Style (not sponsored, truly love it).

What to serve with tzatziki

1. Use tzatziki as a sauce for meats. Adding tzatziki to gyros is probably the most popular, but the sauce works with all protein. I especially love it with grilled chicken, steamed fish or roasted lamb.

2. Dip raw, grilled or roasted vegetables into it.

3. Dip chips, bread, crackers or pita wedges into it.

4. Serve with falafel, meatballs or fritters.

5. Add to sandwiches, wraps, burgers or toast! I love it on toast with feta!

6. Serve with baked potatoes, zucchini, brussel sprouts and carrots.

7. Use tzatziki as a salad dressing especially if you don’t strain the cucumber, it will turn it into a thinner sauce.