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Melomakarona Honey and Walnut Biscuits (Gluten-Free)

Melomakarona are also known as Greek Honey and Walnut Biscuits. They are traditional Greek biscuits that are made with olive oil, honey, orange juice and topped with crushed walnuts. They’re dairy-free, egg-free and my version is also gluten-free and lower in sugar. They are bursting with flavours of cinnamon and cloves and have the perfect balance of a crunchy biscuit that has been gently kissed and softened with honey syrup.

Here are a few suggestion and be sure to watch my video below to see how easy they are to make! Enjoy!


· Dry Ingredients include gluten-free self-raising flour, sugar (feel free to substitute this with monk fruit sugar) walnuts and almond flour. These ingredients make for a lighter and less carb-loaded biscuit.

· Wet Ingredients include olive oil that is light in flavour (used instead of a heavier olive oil to not overpower the spices in the melomakarona), freshly squeezed orange juice and brandy or cognac (which gives it a special aroma).

· Spices include ground cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg which give the biscuits a warming, sweet and woody spice flavour.

· Honey is known to Greeks as the ‘Nectar of The Gods’ and is used to ‘sweeten’ the relationship between family and friends, hence when you serve these to loved ones, you are intensifying the affections in your relationships. If you do not want to use honey, use sugar instead and bring it to a boil for an extra 5 minutes.