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Mushroom and Onion Omelette

This simple Mushroom and Onion Omelette recipe is a quick and easy meal. Brilliantly fragrant with olive oil and onions, meaty from the mushrooms, and light and fluffy from the perfectly cooked eggs – it makes for a brilliant breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Enjoy!

Now, since this recipe is pretty straightforward (and I have attached a video to show you how easy it is), I will give you a little back story of how I first remembered this meal.

Both my parents cooked efficiently and effectively. By the end of the working week, whatever ingredients needed using up – that was dinner. But every now and then, my parents whipped up a meal combining either, eggs with potatoes, or eggs with mushrooms.

It was a special treat. The house had that deliciously warm fried olive oil and onion aroma; if you know… you know! And I loved walking into the kitchen while they fussed about making the most perfect fluffy eggs. My father made sure we had a fresh loaf of bread from the bakery, and my mother added to the table creamy feta and of course, olives.