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Potato, Bacon and Onion Gratin

Creamy and Cheesy Potato, Bacon and Onion Gratin is a hearty savoury dish that is perfect on its own or the perfect complement to roast pork, beef or chicken. It's not only tasty and full of flavour but easy to make.

Helpful Tips

What makes these potatoes so good?

Well for one, thinly sliced cooked potatoes with crispy edges. Two, creamy cream (yes I just wrote that). Three, bacon (enough said about that ingredient). Four, nutmeg! The added nutmeg makes the cream taste like a bechamél sauce… YUM

How to thinly slice potatoes?

I would suggest using a mandolin. I mean if you’re good with a sharp knife then go ahead but my best friend in the kitchen when it comes to thinly slicing and being consistent is a mandolin. If you are in Australia, this what I have at home (this is not sponsored, just letting you know the one I love to use)

Will my potatoes cook evenly if they are not all submerged in cream?

No, they will not but that is the whole purpose of layering them vertically. You will get the soft creamy potatoes on the bottom of the tray and then the top quarter will be crispy and crunchy. Isn’t that everyone’s favourite bit?