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Spanakopita with Gluten Free Puff Pastry

Spanakopita is a delicious savoury Greek pie filled with spinach, fresh herbs and cheese and enclosed in a crispy flaky pastry. Traditionally, a homemade phyllo pastry is used, along with fresh spinach and loads of Greek feta to create the most mouthwatering golden baked pie. This gluten-free version is made so perfectly, that you won't be able to tell it's gluten-free. Let's make it!

Spanakopita with Gluten Free Pastry

Baking Dish 30cm x 20cm

Prep 15 minutes

Bake 1 hour


300g silverbeet spinach, washed, finely chopped, stalks removed

8 green onions finely chopped

1 cup parsley finely chopped

1 cup dill and mint combined finely chopped

200g feta crumbled

1 cup grated tasty cheese

2 extra large eggs whisked