Greek Pasta Soup

Greek Pasta Soup

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. What has that got to do with Greek Pasta Soup you ask? It has to do with making the best of what you are given. Let me explain. Traditionally this Greek Pasta Soup is cooked with KRITHARAKI aka orzo pasta and of course feel free to make it with orzo, but when you live in a country that does not stock gluten free orzo then you go to the closest thing and substitute it. Here enters Barilla’s gluten free elbow pasta! Woot Woot! Just as good and just as delicious and best of all, turned out perfectly!  

When I posted the original photo on instagram, 

(using gluten free orzo I brought over from Greece, photo below)

and so many of you asked for the recipe. I was so humbled that I decided to create a proper post and blog just for it. Such a simple dish yet it is like a big warm hug. I must say, when many of you saw my kids eating it you commented on how much they looked like they wanted a second bowl and yes they did but the biggest fan of this soup is my husband. His favourite meat is lamb and his favourite carb is pasta so the combination of the two is just heavenly for him. He will often request I hide a bowl at the back of the fridge for lunch the next day! LOL 

Greek Pasta Soup

When we first were married we couldn’t afford to buy too much meat so we ate a lot of pasta. I made this soup the same way but without creating the lamb stock. Instead I used a stock cube. It’s not the same, trust me but if you can find organic quality ready made stock, you can create this meal with the pasta alone and in a fraction of the time. Just remember, you will not need as much water / stock as is written in the recipe if you choose to do this.  

So should we head off and make another batch of this Greek Pasta Soup? I say yes and I am putting it out there from now, this is addictive, filling and one of the best comfort meals you will ever eat! Enjoy x

Greek Pasta Soup

PS. Notice some soup is served in mugs? Do you know why? My daughter and I love to eat soup from mugs especially when on the couch watching a great movie! 

Serves 6

6 lamb neck/slow cook chops 

340g pasta elbows (gluten free barilla pasta)

2 tbs tomato paste 

12 cups water

1 tsp sea salt


Freshly grated parmesan cheese 

Fresh parsley or basil leaves finely chopped 

  1. Bring to boil water in large wide base pot and then add the lamb pieces. Whilst boiling skim off any impurities. Cover with lid and simmer for 1 hour. 

  2. Strain stock and remove lamb. Set aside lamb to cool down and remove meat from bones in preparation to add to the soup later. 

  3. Return stock to heat and add sea salt and tomato paste. Once tomato paste has dissolved pour in the pasta and over medium heat cook for 7 minutes (please note, this is the time needed for gluten free pasta, wheat pasta may need longer).

  4. Add pieces of meat to soup and cook for a further 5 minutes. Turn off heat and allow soup to sit for a further 5 minutes before serving. 

  5. Pour into bowls and garnish with parmesan cheese and parsley or basil leaves. 

More or less water may be needed if using wheat-based pasta. This recipe is for Barilla Gluten Free Elbow Pasta. 

Greek Pasta Soup

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