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Baked Salmon with Peas and Butter Beans

You will love the flavours in this Baked Salmon with Peas and Butter Beans. Greek herbs, extra virgin olive oil, tender salmon, and all topped with creamy beans and fresh herbs make it the ultimate healthy and tasty family dinner.

Helpful Tips

Preheat the Oven

Making sure your salmon is juicy and flaky is essential and works well as long as the oven has been preheated and it is at 210C fan forced.

Create your own Version

Change up the spices and types of beans you use. The variety and versions are limitless. A personal favourite is adding crushed fresh garlic to this version. Why not try it?

Add your favourite Side Dish

Pair it with roasted cauliflower, cucumber salad, rice, quinoa or even a simple pesto pasta.

Here is my Basil Pesto Recipe:

Or pair it with my Basil and Zucchini Pesto Pasta

Versatile for all Occasions

While it’s an easy recipe for dinner, it’s also perfect for entertaining. Prepare the salmon and refrigerate. Then, when guests arrive pop it in the oven. While it is cooking, prepare the bean salad.