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Potato, Mushroom and Truffle Oil Pizza

Whether you are having pizza night or running low on time and need an easy meal, I would suggest this Potato, Mushroom and Truffle Oil Pizza. It has a creamy ricotta base that is covered in thinly sliced potatoes and mushrooms, then topped with chives, chilli flakes and a generous drizzle of truffle-infused extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza night is one of our favourite ways to have an easy and fun night at home. That's because pizza is one of those meals that makes the whole family happy and is easily one of the best recipes to make.

Helpful Tips

PIZZA BASES (Gluten Free)

Pizza is one of the easiest meals to cook especially when you find a ready-made base that you love. As I find some weeknights too busy to create a meal that requires too much prep and cooking time, I prefer using a ready-made base that I store in my pantry. It is a saviour on those nights that you crave comfort food minus the cost and unhealthy ingredients of take away foods. If you live in Australia I can suggest a few that we love (these are personal preferences and not sponsored in any way)

  • Toscano Authentic has traditional plus gluten-free pizza bases. These gluten-free bases are our first preference. They are stone-baked and taste as close to what you would expect from an Italian pizzeria. Click the link for their pizza base range:

  • Venerdi Gluten Freedom is a thinner base that is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan friendly. They are the only organic sourdough pizza bases that are gluten-free (that I am aware of) and feel easy to digest. Click the link for their range:

  • Senza Wellness Foods is an award-winning gluten-free pizza base that is light and has a traditional pizza base texture. They also have a cauliflower pizza base which includes 2 servings of vegetabes! Click the link for their pizza base range :