Sweet Potato Quiche with Wrap Base

Once again, a recipe like this Sweet Potato Quiche with Wrap Base has come to the rescue when it comes to saving time and money. You know how time consuming it can be to make a short crust pastry and in the case of buying a ready-made gluten free one, it is also very expensive. Here is where our hero, the humble Wrap Bread comes into play. Grab a few simple ingredients you have in the fridge, including cheese, eggs, veggies and that Wrap Bread and you’ve got dinner ready in a flash.

This simple recipe came about at the tail end of a long week when I’d run out of dinner ideas during our ‘stay home and quarantine yourself’ period. Well, what an amazing idea this turned out to be! A comfort food meal that is not only wholesome but delicious and easy to put together.

The Ingredients: Why did I use sweet potato and broccoli? Well to tell you the truth, they were what I had left in my fridge so feel free to substitute one or the other with whatever vegetables you have left in your fridge. If you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll realise I encourage experimentation so feel free to add pumpkin instead of sweet potato and cauliflower instead of broccoli!

What to serve with this Quiche? I love to serve this with a finely chopped rich green salad that includes baby spinach, rocket, Italian greens like radicchio and sprouts. Don’t forget it to drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice. YUM!

And now it’s time to start cooking! As always, if you make any of my recipes, I would love to hear your feedback. I am available here via email or you can catch me daily on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to save it on your Pinterest board as well! I have a board named CreateCookShare that you can save. Can’t wait to hear from you. Enjoy x

Serves 4

3 Wraps (I used Old Time Bakery Gluten Free Lebanese Bread but you can use what wraps you have at home)

300g sweet potato, diced into 2 cm cubes

200g broccoli florets, small in size

250ml milk of choice

150g tasty cheddar cheese, grated

5 eggs, whisked

1 onion, finely chopped

2 garlic fresh cloves, minced

1-2 tbs extra virgin olive oil

Freshly ground pepper

Sea salt

1. Microwave separately the sweet potato and broccoli, each for 4 minutes. Alternatively, you can bake or boil either until half cooked. Set aside and allow to cool. Season each with sea salt and pepper.

2. Preheat oven to 160C fan forced.

3. Grease and line a springform cake pan 20-25cm in diameter.

4. Brush each Lebanese Bread with extra virgin olive oil and lay inside the baking pan, overlapping so that each wrap goes up towards the rim on each side. You only need 3 wraps or can add all 4 of them for a thicker base.

5. In a bowl add the sweet potato, broccoli, tasty cheese, onion and garlic. Combine well and then add it to the baking pan lined with the Lebanese Bread.

6. In a smaller bowl, add the eggs and whisk. Once whisked add the milk and combine well. Pour egg mixture over filling. Season.

7. Add the springform baking pan onto a baking tray in case the egg leaks through the bottom and then place into oven for 45 minutes or until cooked through. Half way check on quiche and turn pan around to brown evenly.

8. Allow to cool in pan for 10 minutes before removing and serving. Enjoy!

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