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Sweet Potato Quiche with a Wrap Base

A perfect brunch, lunch, or dinner option, this savory Sweet Potato Quiche uses wraps instead of a traditional pastry crust which makes it a lighter and healthier alternative.

This Sweet Potato Quiche uses gluten-free wraps as a base which is so clever, as there is no need to make a homemade pastry or buy an expensive pre-made gluten-free pastry. All you need is a few pantry items and ingredients you already have in the fridge, and you’ve got a meal ready in a flash.

This simple recipe came about at the tail end of a long week when I’d run out of dinner ideas during our ‘stay home and quarantine yourself’ period. Well, what an amazing idea this turned out to be! A comfort food meal that is not only wholesome but delicious and easy to put together.