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Gluten Free Banh Mi Vietnamese Rolls

Banh Mi Vietnamese Rolls are the most delicious Vietnamese sandwiches filled with pickled carrots, cucumber, fresh herbs, chilli, mayonnaise and a selection of proteins including chicken or pork and pate.

Today I am sharing the most delicious sandwich you will ever make... feel free to simply scroll to the bottom of the page, check out the video and make it immediately! That way we can both obsess over this popular Vietnamese sandwich together because every part of it is so delicious that you won't be able to stop at just one.

There are a variety of Banh Mi recipes but I have found this to be the recipe loved by all - young and old. The flavours are delicious but not too strong and the ingredients are fresh. So if you're after a meal for your loved ones or even a fun food idea to entertain a crowd, then this is the recipe for you. Simply set all the ingredients out onto a table and each person can create their own Banh Mi Sandwich.

Helpful Tips


The contents of this gourmet street food sandwich are gluten-free but make sure you check the labels. I have listed below the ingredients I used as they are by label or ingredients gluten-free. None are sponsored.

  • Tasmania Pate: I chose to use the duck pate as traditionally Banh Mi Rolls have at least 2 types of protein, however, if you prefer chicken, this company also sells chicken pate

  • Sweet Chilli Sauce: I have loved this particular sweet chilli sauce since I was a child and is my favourite. Luckily it's still gluten free!