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Jewelled Rice with Pomegranate

Jewelled Rice with Pomegranate is a celebration of colour and texture. There are many versions of this rice dish that is popular in Middle Eastern cultures, however, my version was created specifically to be loved by young ones. As most children prefer less spicy rice, I wanted to create a subtle version of the traditional Jewelled Rice I have cooked over the years but trust me, we all agree, this version is just as flavourful.

Helpful Tips


Make sure you use long grain rice, not medium or short grain as they will stick. The long grain rice remains fluffy and the grains do not stick together.

Do not lift the pot lid once the rice is steaming. The steam helps the rice cook and absorb the remaining liquid.

Allow the rice to cool down for 7-8 minutes with the pot lid off before combining in the remaining ingredients.

Hot Water

Make sure you have the kettle boiled when adding water to the sautéed rice. Do not add cold water or warm.