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Greek Lemon and Oregano Chicken

Greek Lemon and Oregano Chicken is a one-pan recipe that is fresh, tasty, and very simple to make. If you love chicken and you love potatoes, then this is the perfect meal for you!

My mum’s Greek Lemon and Oregano Chicken is a meal that will have a lasting impression on you. It is made with only a handful of ingredients; it is the perfect balance of sweetness and zest and has a tonne of flavour.

For this recipe, you will need plenty of extra virgin olive oil, a couple of juicy ripe lemons, and plenty of Greek-dried oregano. The “Greek” in the dried oregano is so important because of its intense flavour and aroma. You can often find it at your local delicatessen, fruit shop, or even online. It is the combination of this oregano, lemon juice, and olive oil that creates the most luscious sauce. Don’t be surprised if you grab a couple of slices of bread to dip into the sauce – maybe even a third slice of bread!

You will also love how tender and moist the chicken is and how creamy and flavourful the potatoes get whilst cooking in that lemon-oregano sauce. Your loved ones will really enjoy it, just as my family does.

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Helpful Tips
  • Chicken - I have used chicken thigh fillets, however, this is a really delicious dish with chicken thigh cutlets, drumsticks or even chicken nibbles. It is cooked exactly the same way but tastes even better when the meat has bone as this makes an even tastier meal.

  • Garlic and Lemon Juice – If you can use fresh garlic and fresh lemon juice, I highly suggest it. In fact, I never use a jar of minced garlic or store-bought lemon juice. It has a completely different taste. Organic ground garlic is the only other type of garlic I would use in this recipe.

  • Serving – I usually serve this meal with plenty of bread, olives, and sometimes some feta cheese. However, my mum used to also serve it with rice and it is so good as the rice drinks up that sauce which makes it so fragrant and luscious.