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Salmon with Summer Vegetables

My Salmon with Summer Vegetables is packed with flavour, full of nutritious ingredients that are in season, is easy to make and cleaning up is a breeze!

I often post on the social media page photographs of my vegetable patch. These images are my favourite because I am so proud of the work my husband and I put into them. Growing organic vegetables is not easy I assure you. We are out there checking under leaves for caterpillars daily so we do not have to use any pesticides. Only this chore could take us up to 30 minutes a day but I must say, the rewards are worth it.

My grape tomatoes growing in my raised garden beds 2021

Even though it is summer in Australia, after a month of rain and cold weather my tomatoes finally ripened and looked ready to harvest. So, with an abundance of zucchini and fresh vine tomatoes, I decided to make this dish that combines the two along with my favourite piece of seafood – salmon.