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Za’atar Ravioli Pasta Salad, gluten-free

Za'atar Ravioli Pasta Salad is the perfect main meal, side salad, or meal-prepping option. It's the perfect flavour-loaded gluten-free comfort food, with Middle Eastern flavours and a simple za'atar olive oil and lemon dressing. Let's make this delicious one-bowl recipe in less than 20 minutes.

Za’atar Ravioli Pasta Salad, gluten-free
Za’atar Ravioli Pasta Salad, gluten-free
What is Za'atar

Za'atar is a Middle Eastern Spice blend with herbs of oregano, thyme, cumin, coriander, sumac, sesame seeds and salt. It has an earthy, herb, and exotic flavour with a slight tang due to the sumac. It makes a great rub for grilled meats, and roasted vegetables and an excellent compliment to dairy.

middle eastern pasta salad
Za’atar Ravioli Pasta Salad, gluten-free

Why You'll Love this Recipe
  • The addition of ravioli makes this a hearty meal to serve as a main meal.

  • It's wholesome and nutritious and filled with fresh vegetables and chickpeas.

  • It's a one-bowl recipe which means there is minimal cleanup.

  • It takes 10 minutes to prep and 5 minutes to cook which makes it a great weeknight dinner option.

  • It's perfect for lunch especially when cooked as part of your weekly meal prep. Simply store each serving in glass jars or air-tight containers in the refrigerator and it lasts for days.

  • It's gluten-free and can be made dairy-free by substituting the ravioli filling with vegan options.

Watch How to Make It

Make it Vegetarian, Vegan or Dairy-Free

Vegetarian: simply use a spinach and ricotta-filled ravioli or tortellini.

Vegan or Dairy-Free: simply use vegan ravioli or tortellini.

Storing and Meal Prep
  • Add any leftovers to an air-tight container and keep it refrigerated for up to 5 days, OR

  • Place lunch-size servings into air-tight containers or glass jars to take to work.

pasta salad meal prep, gluten-free
Za’atar Ravioli Pasta Salad, gluten-free

Helpful Tips

Ravioli, Tortellini, and Other Pasta Options: The gluten-free ravioli shape can be swapped with tortellini, agnolotti, or even with a simple large shell or rigatoni pasta. Also, the ravioli filling can be swapped with beef, cheese, spinach and ricotta, chicken, pumpkin, or mushroom filling.

Vegetable Options: Common vegetables used in this Za'atar Ravioli Pasta Salad are salad vegetables similar to a Greek salad, but you can experiment with whatever you have on hand.

Why not try one of these combinations:

- rocket and baked pumpkin, or

- parsley, tomato, and onion, or

- diced and baked eggplant, capsicum, and zucchini

Cheese: For a creamy addition, add crumbled feta or goat cheese through the Za'atar Ravioli Pasta Salad.

Za’atar Ravioli Pasta Salad, gluten-free
Za’atar Ravioli Pasta Salad, gluten-free
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gluten free pasta
Za’atar Ravioli Pasta Salad, gluten-free

Za’atar Ravioli Pasta Salad, gluten-free

Serves 4-5

Prep 10-15 minutes

Cook 5 minutes


Ravioli Salad:

500-600g ravioli or tortellini of choice, gluten-free

400g can of organic chickpeas, drained and rinsed

200g cherry tomatoes, halved

2 Lebanese cucumbers, diced

1 yellow or red capsicum, diced

1 red onion, diced

¾ cup (120g) kalamata olives, sliced

½ cup fresh parsley, chopped

½ cup fresh dill, chopped

(Optional: crumbled feta or goat cheese)

Za’atar Dressing:

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

2 garlic cloves, finely grated

1 tablespoon za’atar spice

½ teaspoon onion powder

Generous sprinkle of sea salt and pepper


1. Cook the ravioli: In a large pot, bring water to a boil. Stir in the salt and cook the ravioli according to packet instructions. Drain, and set aside. Drizzle a little olive oil and gently stir to prevent sticking.

2. Prepare the salad: Clean, rinse, dice, chop, and prepare the chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum, onion, olives, parsley, and dill.

3. Prepare the dressing: Whisk together the ingredients for the za’atar dressing.

4. Assemble the salad: Add to a large bowl the ravioli and salad and pour over the za’atar dressing. Gently mix to combine and serve.

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za'atar salad
Za’atar Ravioli Pasta Salad, gluten-free

Recipe and Photography by Margaret Pahos for @CreateCookShare

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Oct 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So easy. Loved this one.

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