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Greek Chickpea Soup aka Revithosoupa

I'll often cook recipes that my parents taught me but add my own twist. Well, this won't be the case with this Revithosoupa. I remember my parents cooking this and patiently allowing the chickpeas to cook for up to 2 hours in order to get them perfectly soft. It created a cloudy soup that had an earthy flavour and every mouthful tasted like Greece. I remember thinking how delicious the rosemary and chickpeas tasted together and how I loved grabbing a thick slice of crusty bread to scoop more chickpeas onto my spoon.

Once the soup was cooked and removed from the heat, my parents always enhanced the flavour of the chickpeas, by drizzling a good amount of extra virgin olive oil, followed by a big squeeze of lemon juice, and then serving into bowls.

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