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Baked Eggs in a Bagel Hole

These Baked Eggs in a Bagel Hole will be your favourite way to enjoy baked eggs. It's quick to prepare, fun to make, nutritious, and absolutely delicious. It's the perfect way to start the day or even enjoy as a light and healthy dinner option, and as always, they're gluten-free!

Let's begin 2023 with one of the easiest recipes anyone can make and I can just about guarantee that these Baked Egg in a Bagel Hole, will be made, not only for breakfast but also for lunch and even dinner!

What is a Baked Egg in a Bagel Hole

When I was a little girl, my parents would sometimes cut a round hole in sliced bread, place it in a frying pan and crack an egg in the centre of it. They used to call it 'egg in bread' which I later found out, some countries call this 'eggs in a nest' or 'toad in a hole' LOL!!

I wanted to recreate this recipe, without frying the bread and egg and hence came up with baking the bagels and eggs instead. This fun twist on a breakfast bagel is with fresh baby spinach, slices of ripe tomatoes, spanish onion, creamy feta and perfectly baked sunny side up eggs.

Watch How To Make It

Helpful Tips


The bagels I have chosen to use are these Sourdough Bagels by Gluten Freedom. They are gluten free, dairy and soy free and taste just like tradtional bagels. If you are not a coeliac or have a gluten intolerance, then traditional bagels work just the same.

These are the Gluten Freedom Bagels I have used for this recipe.


Use medium size eggs. This is the perfect size for the yolk to sit in the bagel hole. The egg whites will overflow, and that is perfectly normal, as it spreads over the bagel and cooks nice and crisp in the oven.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Make sure you drizzle plenty of extra virgin olive oil over the bagel before placing the spinach over the top. This keeps the bagel moist and adds plenty of flavour and nutrition, whilst preventing it from drying.

Feta or Dairy Free Feta

Greek Feta goes perfectly with the tomatoes, onions and spinach in this recipe. However, if you're like me and can't eat dairy, then choose a soy or cashew based feta or spread that will stay firm whilst baking. I have found coconut